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Monday, June 23, 2014

Post  #2679.   Organizing MISC.     Late on a Sunday night, I'm working really well completely reorganizing and re-filing several years of collected papers on my kitchen/dining room desk. This used to be our dining room table. Old people tend to retire these. Organized homemakers have a lace table cover and a couple of candlesticks. I have papers. Loose papers in boxes and many assorted "too cool/neat/sweet/funny to discard." Like once or twice before in my life, I've had to be ruthless. Once you toss the first one, the rest are easy.

This was a jot. Of course, it demanded that I drop everything and come over here to type, at last, in my neglected, orphan but never forgotten blog.

French comedy
British sci-fi
Italian government
Greek thrift
Russian charity
Spanish punctuality
Chinese sanitation
Japanese television
German humor
Any more come to mind?Rick Macherat Rick M. In the day. RMacherat

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