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Monday, January 18, 2016

Post  #2692.   Oh, What a Night.  Despite all the revisionist history, I still insist that this song was indeed written in 1963 and features Frankie Valli on lead vocals. It is my perpetual #1 pick-me-up song, and I relate. My similar adventure was early April, 1965, incidentally, close enough.

Anyway, I was reading through tidbits, headlines, tonight and came across these three:

The Internet Had Some Great Reactions To The Panthers Blowing Out The Seahawks

Strangers Show Kindness to Dog Who Refuses to Leave the Spot Where He Was Abandoned

20 Words Americans Use That Foreigners Do Not Like

I read two of them. The first one was about something I choose to believe never happened, so I didn't read it.Rick Macherat Rick M. In the day.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Post  #2691.   Small town.      Only a few people were in the coffee shop that day. It was a bit early, but the place would fill up shortly with the usual lunch crowd. Jessica had decided on an early lunch for her mother’s birthday. Mrs. Elaine Davis was 79 and had insisted that any celebration be modest, in favor of a big vacation or cruise next year.

Just about the last thing anyone would have expected was for the door to bang open loudly and a young, scruffy, zitty man to rush in, shouting, “Everybody get down and give it up!” or some variation of that as remembered by the several witnesses. The very last thing anyone would have expected was for Mrs. Davis to pull out her Smith and Wesson BODYGUARD® 38 Special handgun and put a hole right between his squinty eyes.

At least one other person in the coffee shop was not all that shocked. Everett Knuth had been a young assistant in his father’s mortuary many, many years earlier when he accompanied him to a job out on Long Drive. He remembered the sheriff saying, “Yup. Too bad. Looks like a massive heart attack all right,” as they all .. the sheriff, the deputy, Mrs. Davis, Jessica and the two ambulance guys .. looked down at the extremely dead Mr. Davis and his extremely prominent middle-of-the-forehead bullet hole. As it turned out, that put an end to his brief unfortunate habit of sneaking into Jessica’s room late at night and molesting her. Rick Macherat Rick M. In the day. RMacherat

Post  #2690.   What debate?  When I casually started this thing around 2700 posts and almost thirteen years ago, I never imagined I would be still doing it. Getting to these numbers. Ultimately not even caring about the numbers being screwed up, because I'm 70 now and the really, seriously best thing about being 70 is you DO NOT have to care about things anymore. I had heard about it but never imagined ...

Fourteen years? Almost fourteen years. Really?Rick Macherat Rick M. In the day.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Post  #2689.   Our distinguished passenger.  It was the Captain ...
"Ladies and Gentleman, we hope everyone has come down from Light Speed comfortably, as we are now crossing the Bullock Expanse prior to a careful passage through the Oort Cloud ..."
I was especially looking forward to seeing Professor James Steven Bullock as his presence on this cruise was the reason most people took it - for the lectures. And yes, in case you were wondering, he is STILL HOT, in a centenarian way, even at the age of 259!Professor James Steven Bullock Rick Macherat Rick M. In the day.

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